Download The latest By-laws for Grand Mariner here – Here.

Got a problem with the Body Co-operate committee. The committee does not always understand the current laws. let us help guide you through you concerns.. Contact us about you problem.


Latest recommendations on Airbnb – Is it Illegal ?, According to the experts. No, is some situations and could be legal in Grand Mariner despite what the Body Corporate may tell you – read more here 


Latest laws regarding pets – read legal cases from the tribual here.


When it comes to pets, the first concept to understand is precedent. In general terms, precedent means that, where a case comes before a judge, magistrate or  an adjudicator with the same essential or material facts as a case decided by a higher court (in the same hierarchy), the legal issues must be decided in the same way. Essentially, decision-makers are bound by the findings of law reached by decision-makers at a higher level within their legal jurisdiction. This is called binding precedent. With so many cases with Dogs, Body Corporates have been found in most cases to be unreasonable and the majority or cases are won by dog & cat owners